Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Year is Here

As far as I'm concerned, the new year doesn't really start until the new calendars are in place. And since I have a tendency to wait for calendars to graduate to that coveted retail designation known as 50% off clearance, some years can take up to nearly a week to get in full swing. I know, I know, electronic devices exist that have taken the place of these totally non-technical ones. But I still swear by the calendar hung in the kitchen on which I scrawl appointments and days to remember. The Kliban cat calendar will reside in that honored spot for 2014. And if you haven't noticed, the other two wall calendars are beautiful! You can't replace a lovely work of art on the wall with a convenient hand-held thingamajig. And to wake my brain up every morning I like to kickstart it with a film trivia question. And to remind me what day it is. Then, once I arrive in the kitchen to brew up coffee I can consult Mr. Kliban's fatcat and see what is in store for the day ahead. Woodland Faeries is in my office and Lunaria is in my bedroom. Us Moonmaidens like to be up on those moon phases. Welcome, 2014! May the next 361 days be filled with love, gratitude, a serious belly laugh every day, lessons learned and hugs. I'll take whatever good fortune thrown my way as well. And chocolate. 

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