Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Calling Dr Bones

If you have seen JJ Abram's reboot of Star Trek (2009), this image will call to mind a particularly funny moment. If you haven't seen it, I'm making up for your serious failing for having seen it roughly fifteen times. Twice with commentary. Our beloved Captain Kirk is suffering from the oddball side effects of the most recent shot administered by Dr McCoy. His hands are freakishly swollen to nearly twice their normal size and he is clearly distraught over this development. I like to call it Fat Hands Syndrome. My point, you might ask, is what? I finish up my vocational assessment testing this afternoon and it will involve some fine motor activities. When my hands are particularly cranky, as they have been for the last week or so, despite their normal appearance they feel as clumsy and swollen as the Captain's appear. The difficulty I experience with any fine motor movement is painfully apparent to anyone observing. Especially me. It would seem that I need a house call from a certain doc. Anyone have his number?

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