Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy Birthday, Mom

Born on New Year's Eve, 1931, Mom would have been 82 today. Looking back through old photos, I am continually astonished over how beautiful she was. 

These are scanned and cropped from tiny black & white photos so their quality isn't the best. This is Mom in the spring of 1956. Probably taken in their apartment in Denver.

Not sure when or where this pic was taken. Looks like date night to me! Mom and Dad are to the left, seated on the hearth. Mom's sister, Mamie, and her husband Carl are in the rocking chair.

If I'm a femme fatale or have traces of the dreaded drama queen in me, clearly this came straight from my mom.

Somewhere up in the mountains in Colorado, a rare shot of my parents when they were dating.

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