Sunday, July 14, 2013

Vacation Elation

Well! Hello! Has it really been nearly a week? I brought my computer along. Really. I did. Popped it into its case and remembered the power cord and the mouse. Loaded it up in the car last Monday morning along with everything else for my journey to the other side of the state. And then was just too busy having a lovely, relaxing time to bother with anything more electronic than taking some pictures. Living off the grid for a few days was a more than pleasant experience that involved absolutely no withdrawal pangs. I do admit that it was great fun when we drove out of the canyon and my cell phone bleeped numerous times to indicate I had several text messages arriving and a number of missed calls to deal with. But I was a little surprised while unloading the car upon arriving home to discover my computer under the hanging clothes bag and a pillow. Completely undisturbed six days later. So. I have photos to sort through and blogging to catch up on. See you soon.

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