Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July's Siren Call

This has been a most extraordinary July. Enough rain has fallen to keep the grass green. It has been remarkably non-humid, if that is a word. Like the northern plains summer nights of my childhood, it has cooled beautifully at night for excellent windows open sleeping. Then with proper timing of closing windows the air conditioning has run only minimally. Reid and I have had a lovely supper of garlic lime chicken, basmati rice and broccoli. The cicadas are upstaging the crickets for filling the evening with noise. I feel that I am on a precipice, on the edge of things happening, like this is the calm before the storm. It would be a relief in many ways for stalemated things in my life to move forward. I feel as if I have been in limbo for a very long time. Limbo is its own state of being where patience is taught, a harsh lesson though it is. Just around the corner is a voice that beckons, saying it is time to move. My answer to this call is a brash and audacious bring it on. My need to know the answers outweighs whatever fear of knowing that may linger. Bring it on.

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