Monday, March 4, 2013

The Great Lamp Shuffle

It all started when I found this navy blue lamp shade on clearance at World Market on Saturday. I thought it would work on a specific lamp at home, but it didn't. Turns out it works beautifully on this lamp, which used to be downstairs topped with a fancy red shade. Of course, this bumped the lamp that used to be on this table to another spot. 

This is the fancy red shade that used to be on the lamp that is now wearing the new navy blue shade. This lamp used to have an ivory fringy shade and was in the corner of the living room. So much better in my bedroom! As you'll soon see, the lamp that was formerly in this spot has moved downstairs.

This is the lamp that was bumped from the sofa table by the navy shaded lamp and is now in the corner of the living room where the lamp now in my bedroom used to be. Isn't this fun?

Now we're downstairs. The lamp in the top photo used to be here, wearing the fancy red shade. Now this lamp, which got bumped from the table at the bottom of the stairs, is in the same room as its matching one! 

See? Isn't this special? Really, there are two of them. I didn't just photograph the same lamp in two different spots to mess with you. Really!

This little black iron lamp used to be in my bedroom, but I think it looks a lot better here with this metallic framed mirror just above it. Also here we find the fancy fringy shade that used to be on the lamp currently in my bedroom now with the red shade that used to be on the table in the corner of the living room. It's an orphan lamp shade now. Don't be sad. This fancy fringy shade is much too, well, fancy and fringy to stay out of commission for long. I'm so glad I got this out of my system. This way I won't even consider rearranging the furniture any time soon.

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