Sunday, March 10, 2013

Springing Forward

1. Welcome to day 16 of my Facebook absence. I thought I might go back today except for the fact that the spring forward into DST has already robbed me of an hour today.

2. The only reason I knew the time switch happened was because when I woke up the time on my alarm clock and cell phone did not match.

3. Momentarily confused by item 2, I remembered that my cell phone automatically takes care of these little adjustments.

4. Since I'm still a bit discombobulated over item 2, it was clear that my newest blog post needed to be a list of unrelated yet mildly interesting thoughts.

5. As far as item 4 is concerned, me labeling this post as unrelated items was slightly premature, seeing that so far they all  have to do with the time change.

6. Surprisingly, spell check liked the word discombobulated

7. The second half of my bacon-mushroom-cheeseburger from last night made a lovely breakfast.

8. My voice is mostly functional once more though it retains a hint of frogginess.

9. I won't miss this cough if it ever goes away.

10. Again referring to item 4, mildly interesting was an overly optimistic goal.


Crazy said...

#7 would taste so good right now...

Bellona of Avalon said...

Mmmm. Was!