Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Full Moon Wednesday

1. Met with my insurance lady this afternoon. The good news is, Reid will be 21 in two months and his car insurance rate drops. Considerably. Yessssss!

2. I made my bed today. 

3. I seriously love this basement tape a friend gave to me. Of him playing along with a friend of his in the mid-70's. It's cd in format, but was actually recorded in a basement on a reel-to-reel.

4. If any of you don't know what a reel-to-reel is, you may be too young to be consuming the content here.

5. Black Box chardonnay is very delicious. Buttery and fruity. 

6. Referring to item 5, yes, delicious wine can now be found packaged in a box. Deal with it.

7. I may have made the absolutely best chicken alfredo ever in my life tonight. 

8. The chicken alfredo not only contains a cup of the Black Box chardonnay, the wine is also a wonderful accompaniment to it.

9. For the first time in this long, drawn out lawsuit process, a collection agency called me this evening. I referred him to my lawyer. It was fun.

10. Come on over for a glass of chardonnay and the best alfredo ever. Really. I'll pause The West Wing. Just for you.


AndiBean said...

I still have under-a-bottle's-worth of the same chard in my fridge right now :) Gently nestled in between the massive amounts of food stuffs in preparation for this weekend's festivities!

Bellona of Avalon said...

Mmmmmm! Food AND festivities! Plural even. Can't wait!