Sunday, March 10, 2013

Feeling Flu-ish

I don't do this sick thing well. That sounds odd. I doubt that anyone does. Or that anyone enjoys it. The thing is, except for this dumb thing with my hands, I'm pretty darn healthy. Robust, even. I swear I haven't been sick like this for five years. And this is the third time this winter my fanny has been seriously kicked by some nasty virus. Just over a week was dedicated to a tummy thing in December. Then in January a severe cold had me resting in bed for a day or two. February was infection free, but only lasted 28 days. As soon as March rolled in I was losing my voice for three days followed by me living in a Sudafed induced haze since Friday. I'm staying hydrated and have been on a West Wing viewing marathon. As soon as I'm feeling better I'm disinfecting the whole house. 


Kimdillinger said...

Hun feel better

Andrea Barnes said...

What the hell? I lost my voice this weekend, and I've got mucus and phlegm leaking from all of my head. My voice is still a little raw, as it is.

Must be something in the... um... air? I have no idea what's going on with my own damn immune system right now, but it's weird that we should seem to catch the same thing right at the same time, especially given that we haven't seen each other in a week.

Bellona of Avalon said...

Whatever it is, it sucks!!

My explanation is taking a philosophical, sort of holistic bent.

I'm finally recognizing that I've been under a fair amount of stress for a few months that has, in retrospect, been pretty relentless. Stress has a seriously negative effect on the immune system, leaving me open to opportunistic infections.

Either that or it's a moonmaiden thing we're being punished for. Like our unmatched beauty.