Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Angry Nerve

Sometimes you need something to go away for a while in order to miss it. Other times something goes away and you're gleeful about it. Then that glee fades to the background and you're lulled into a sense of complacency. Then it, whatever it was, comes back. Reminding you of how un-fun the thing was to begin with. I thought I'd start with a long-winded generalization to test your patience. Isn't this fun? I'm typing about my sciatic nerve. The biggest nerve in my body. Yours, too, for that matter. I wasn't aware of the existence of this nerve until I was pregnant with son number two. When it got all compressed and aggravated due to the greatness of my swollen with child uterus. Which caused my left leg to ache miserably. Post partum things returned to normal. Only to return on occasions of sitting for much too long in the car or sleeping in an uncomfortable bed or standing for long periods of time. Stretching and ibuprofin usually do the trick, though massage and hot tub sessions really do the trick. But are pricey and not always available. So, along with the full moon the other night, who should show up in the most unwelcome sense while I was minding my own business sleeping? Yup. Mr. aggravated sciatic nerve. Whom I had not missed the least little bit. Which has gotten me back into stretching and doing some light weight work. A good habit I had fallen out of the last few months. And am now back into, which is a good thing. Anything to make the angry nerve pipe down and go away. To make room for blissful complacency once more. Which I like a whole lot better.

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