Thursday, December 13, 2012

Intermittent Internets

Last night we had sporadic, more off than on, internet access. I did the usual stuff. Excessive poking at the refresh button. Plugged and unplugged the router. Sometimes blowing on the contacts before connecting them again. Which I expect is akin to throwing a little salt over your left shoulder when you spill some. Not particularly effective but makes you feel like your mojo is working. I called our service provider about ten times. When I finally got through I heard a cheerful recording informing me there was a system-wide outage and that technicians are working on restoring service. It is quite amazing how productive one can be when not distracted by the electronic crack cocaine of the internet. Laundry, decorating, cooking and cleaning up after dinner, various neatening up and putting away activities. I even snuck in a pre-dinner nap! Of course I learned nothing from last evening. Here I am still in my jammies on the computer. But I'm going now. To be productive. Please miss me.

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