Friday, December 14, 2012

Beer Snob

I love beer. And I wanted to enjoy one at intermission last night. But I was not able to due to the limited, and may I say, lowest common denominator selection available. Which means they had every lite version imaginable. With regular Budweiser being the only non-lite variety. This is where I rant. For freaking crying out louder than necessary, why wasn't there a single tasty beer on the menu? This was a world class musical experience attended by 1600 people! With craft and seasonal beers of many persuasions widely available, couldn't the Swiftel Center offer up some better choices? For those of you who are lite beer fans, I don't hold you in judgement. Okay. Maybe I do a little tiny bit. Just don't make me drink it! I expect a little more from a beer where flavor is concerned and appreciate pouring one up into a glass to view its deep, rich color. I'm not looking to drink on a calorie budget, either. I like a nice beer buzz and I don't mind investing in a delicious brew calorie or dollar-wise. I admit it. I am, indeed, a beer snob. 

I used the Snow Day winter ale label graphic without permission from New Belgium Brewing. It's my current fave seasonal beer. I'm drinking one right now.

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colleen said...

I'm admittedly not a huge fan of beer, anyway, but LITE beer is really bad! YUCK.