Thursday, November 8, 2012

Slapping up the Messenger

Rachel from cardholder services. I want to slap her. She calls my land line, she calls my cell. From Atlanta, Seattle, New York, Oklahoma City. This bitch gets around. She invites me to press "3" if I wish to no longer receive these annoying calls. So I do. But it doesn't work. I have stayed on the line to tell the person who answers that this number is on the Do Not Call List and to please refrain from ringing up again. That doesn't work either. There is a Facebook page devoted to shutting down Rachel. The FTC has made repeated attempts to shut her down to no avail. Just this week the five primary operations behind these robocalls were shut down, but Rachel the robocaller persists. Let's lock her in a room with a comfy chair and a blankey and a phone. Just when she begins to doze off, ring that phone! Rachel will be required to pick up. Around as many times as she has annoyed each and every one of us. I'm gleeful without doing the math.

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