Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Word for the Day

I do not believe I had ever run across the word neologism until today. And now I have seen it twice. The first time it was used to describe the term liberal media. Meaning, I expect, a new word, expression or usage. Though I much prefer the psychiatric application, a meaningless word used by a psychotic. I suspect there are those who would describe the liberal media as psychotic. The second time neologism popped into view was in association with the word pronoia. Pronoia is the opposite state of mind of paranoia. Where one senses that there is a conspiracy that exists to help people. Pronoia describes a philosophy wherein lies the belief that the world is actually purposed to secretly benefit people. Spellcheck doesn't like pronoia. Spellcheck doesn't like spellcheck, either. But I like it. In fact, I intend to go about my business for the next few days adopting pronoia as my personal belief system. Indulge me even if it turns out to be just a meaningless word flung about by psychotics. Just don't let that damn liberal media get ahold of it. I may not be pronoid, but that doesn't mean they're not out to help me. Especially if they're from the government.

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