Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Three Things

Well, there are likely many, many more than three. Things that I have misplaced. But these three things that I cannot locate anywhere are what I'm talking about today. I am ready to deal with them and they are nowhere to be found. Now that I have purchased a new and functioning hot glue gun and lots of glue sticks, and have them situated in a work area all together, I simply can't put my hands on the big red glass gem-like thingy that used to be attached to the end of the pull chain on the ceiling fan in my bedroom. This is particularly annoying since when it fell out, largely due to the fact that the cats enjoyed batting at it, I know I put it somewhere safe that I would surely remember having stashed it when I got a new glue gun. But no. Second of these things is actually a collection of things, not just a single item. A couple of years ago when I painted the stairwell area and family room, I took down several black and white family photographs and replaced them with a mirror on that wall. I removed the photos from their brass frames and placed them all together in an envelope. I think. With the intention of later placing them in an album, all artfully arranged and identified for posterity. At some point between then and now, I pulled out one of the photos, popped it back into its frame, and hung it up in my office. Then I presumably put the rest of them back. Again, somewhere safe where I would surely remember stashing them. Again, no. Thirdly, while cleaning my office, I ran across a postpaid bag that is to be used to donate your spare but no longer used cell phone. Which I will donate. Just as soon as I find the darn thing. It's probably hanging out with the red glass thingy and the black and white photos. In a quiet corner somewhere. Snickering to itself every time I walk by. What I wonder is whether I'll remember where the donation bag is when the phone turns up.

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colleen said...

Love it!

I, too, have placed all sorts of things in places I thought certain to remember. Seems I just need a really big bowl in the center of the dining room table to catch such "important" items!

I'm thinkin' you might want to ask Steiny about that red crystal!