Friday, October 14, 2011

Hypothesizing Happiness

I'm reading this book. Heard the author, Jonathan Heidt, on Minnesota Public Radio yesterday. I found his ideas about happiness fascinating so I ran right out and bought his book. I love it when the paperback is out! I have always found the concept of happiness interesting, the whole how and why of its manifestation mysterious and thought-provoking. I'm generally a pretty happy person, even here in my current state of life. Unemployed. Continuing issues with my hands. Unsettledness and uncertainty in many areas. The journey with all its ups and downs and sideways-es, I would say. On the plus side are many things, some of them small but significant as a whole. Good coffee in the morning, good stuff with my sons, friends, a comfortable home and a warm place to sleep at night. And then there's this man whose company is most enjoyable. Time and events unfolding as they will. Happiness despite the fact that half of me comes from a dour people, as Garrison Keillor says. So I'm reading this book. Because for the days when I'm not so happy, if I understand the construct of happiness, maybe I can find my way back to better days a little more quickly. That would be just fine with me.

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