Friday, October 28, 2011

Hairy Subject

My hair feels flabby. Out of shape. The ends are dry and a little unruly. I need a trim. A haircut. But I haven't made an appointment. Why. Because I need a new stylist and the process of procuring one is agonizing. Fraught with peril, even. Kim made it too easy, but I recognize this fact only through hindsight. She cut my hair for fifteen years. She could read my head. She gave me variations on a theme that worked well whether left to my hair's natural curly state or blown out and flat-ironed to a straight perfection. She knew the location of my stubborn cowlicks and cut to accommodate them. She knew the curls were tighter and pulled up more length in the crown and cut to allow for the shrinkage. By the third haircut, Kim had it down. She even successfully navigated the changes in texture and curl through what felt like an endless pregnancy. She understood the vagueries of my baby fine curly hair and did a great job suggesting appropriate products to moisturize and tame the frizz. Then she retired from the hair business. I went into mourning. But I didn't expect this period to last five years! During this time I have had my hair cut by at least eight different stylists, none of whom I've been happy with. Most recently, Diane has lasted the longest, but mostly because I was worn out from the process. Nearly every time she's cut my hair, I have either had to go back to have something fixed or evened up or have resorted to whacking at it on my own. Which is almost always a bad idea. So. I'm in the market for a new hair stylist. But what I really want is another Kim.

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