Wednesday, September 7, 2011

To AC, or Not to AC

Would it be rude for me to knock on my neighbor's door and ask them why in the wide, wide world of, um, tuna fish is their air conditioning running? I was minding my own business, doing some yard work. It's around seventy degrees with a light breeze blowing. It is sunny and the humidity is low. A gorgeous day. About every twenty minutes or so, the quiet was shattered by their AC unit kicking in. And I'm wondering, are their windows painted shut? Do they suffer from debilitating allergies? Do they eschew fresh air? I swear, they go directly from heating the house to cooling it in less than a twenty-four hour period! I must confess to being a fresh air fiend. Whenever the weather is suitable, regardless of the month, I'll have the windows open to allow some of that fresh outdoors indoors. I often have my bathroom window open on a cool summer or fall evening. Clad in flannel pajamas and brushing my teeth, I hear their AC roar into life! It then occurs to me, if flannel is appropriate attire for the pleasant draft drifting in through my window, why the bloody blazes are they cooling their indoor atmosphere?!?! In conclusion, yes, it would be rude to bang on their door and demand to know why they set their thermostat where they do. Particularly if I'm in my pajamas and have toothpaste foam dribbling down my chin. But it does make me wonder.

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