Thursday, September 8, 2011

Photogenic Food

Oh joy! The very first incoming call on my new phone was the garage that whisked away the Forester yesterday. And it wasn't good news. Over three hundred bucks just to tow it to people who can fix it! Something that went well today was getting some of those perennials moved. All that pretty, feathery yarrow from what has become a thicket composed of fifty percent plants I wanted there and about 150% weeds is now in a new spot. And the thriving lavender has been sectioned into three parts and spread out to fill its space without spilling out onto the lawn. Now all that remains is clearing another area of the thicket in order to expand the lilac hedge. Cooking is much easier than yard work so I made an omelet for dinner. Slaving away in the yard can take years to yield a noticeable result. Slaving away for twenty minutes in the kitchen produces something yummy for immediate consumption. Whoever said instant gratification is a bad thing doesn't cook. Or maybe just doesn't cook very well.

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colleen said...

So you do understand how overwhelming my garden is! Thinkin' maybe I need to make more omelets. ; )