Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Every Two

There she is. My new phone. Should arrive on Saturday. Then I expect I'll spend the next five years figuring out how the darn thing works. So if I don't call, please don't take it personally. Two important features. It has a qwerty keyboard! And it's pink. Rather, it's actually a dull grayish black. But I got a pink cover. Which is sort of like a pink dress for my device. Next thing you know she'll ask for shoes. Maybe a tiny handbag. Then her own phone to put in the tiny handbag. Slippery slope, here we come.


colleen said...

I've not yet owned a cell phone, and I'm still rather proud of the fact. But suppose it's good that you like yours.

Bellona of Avalon said...

Young lady, you live way out in the country and drive in all kinds of weather! You SHOULD have a cell phone, if only for emergency purposes! If you don't wish to be available, you can turn it off!