Sunday, January 2, 2011

So Far This Year...

* Met a cute guy

* Said yes to date with cute guy

* Contemplated removal and storage of holiday decorative items

* The Saturday paper wasn't here due to weather closing I29

* Had two crossword puzzles today when I got both Saturday and Sunday papers

* Sunday magazine missing from paper

* Suffered a teensy bit due to slight hangover symptoms, which I attribute to the free and flowing cheap champagne between other drinks

* Neighbor blew the snow from my driveway

* For the first time ever, bargain calendars arrived in time for January 1

* Was stood up by cute guy

* Had an enjoyable evening anyway

* Freezing rain not only cemented my car doors shut, but firmly stuck my garage door down in a closed position. A guy would have used a blow torch. I used the ice chipper, ten minutes later, voila, the door opens

* Discovered that Reid needs a new winter coat, he has outgrown the current one which he has had for only two years. He's lost about ten pounds, though, he seems to be in the process of attaining what my brother Cullen called his man body

* Slept crappy last night due to drinking Irish Creme laced coffee at too late an hour. Seemed like a good idea at the time, you know, a warm drink rather than a chilly one

* Still contemplating the removal and subsequent storage of holiday decorative items

* Baked cinnamon rolls this morning

As a whole, I would have to say this mixed bag of happenings has crammed a great deal of activity into the first forty hours of 2011. The week ahead looks busy as well. I'll keep you posted.


colleen said...

Yet ANOTHER cute guy? Maybe you should start looking for the ugly ones.

As for removal and storage of said holiday items: Just leave them there, and think of the time you'll save next year.

We must do lunch soon.

Bellona of Avalon said...

What can I say, they flock to me and then ignore me.

This is sage advice.


Wanna go to SF Thursday?