Saturday, January 8, 2011

Set Theory

I've seen him around for a little over a year. We have a large number of mutual friends and acquaintances. I'm pretty sure we met last New Years Eve. I thought he was cute, I told him he reminded me of a young Elvis Costello. He said thank you and grinned at me, but I still don't know if he has a clue who Elvis Costello is. His girlfriend elbowed him sharply and wasn't aware, or maybe she was, that I could see the angry glare she was aiming at him. I'd bump into him occasionally when I was out and the only way I can describe how we interacted is that it was oddly formal. Like he was deliberately keeping a cushion of space between us. I thought maybe he was shy, but when I observed him from the other side of the room, he seemed to be the life of the party. Goofing off for the camera. Anymore, there is always a camera. Camera cameras, phone cameras, stills and video. Surrounded by women. Telling stories and jokes. And I wondered what it was about me that kept me apart from this gregarious, entertaining, very attractive fellow. I will admit upfront that I can be off-putting, to many I'm an acquired taste. I'm an unapologetic opinionated pottymouth feminist. It's part of my charm. A charm that he was immune to. Sadly relegated to the periphery, I watched and contemplated what the ticket to inside that circle might be. What it might cost, was I willing to pay, what if it looked better from the outside than it actually was. Just a few days ago, for reasons I have yet to discover, he extended a friendly hand and invited me inside his circle. And I have to say, the inside is infinitely better than the outside. He is charming and naughty. There is an intelligent, quiet intensity about him. He looks you directly in the eye and the eyes are deep blue surrounded by impossibly dark, thick lashes. His smile is gorgeous and quick and dimple adorned. He's an old soul in a young body. Don't get me started on the body. As usual, I have no idea what's going on. What I do know is that this is fun. And I would love to stay a good, long while.