Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lawyers & Courtrooms & Shoes, Oh, My!

I love Kathy Bates! Due to my separation from the broadcast television world, I only caught the last half of her debut tv drama last night, Harry's Law. I need to remind myself to watch at precisely 9pm next Monday night. I did enjoy what I saw, and was not surprised that David E Kelley produced the show. His signature earthy characters and snappy dialog were all over it. And even though I am a self-admitted pottymouth, it surprised me to hear gutter language on a network broadcast. Asshole, douche bag and pissed were featured. While I have heard Miss Oprah utter pissed off in the mid-afternoon, outside of movies and cable offerings the other two terms were a first. At the very end, as we fade and pan out through Harry's storefront window, I saw something about shoes. For Kathy and shoes, I'm definitely showing up.

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