Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ides of January

* Holiday decorations are removed and packed away for next time. Oh, that sounded so lovely. I'm too pooped to type it five more times, so be a dear and read that first sentence at least twice.

*While I still find the current state of, I hesitate to say affairs, so I'll say dating/mate finding, deplorable, I did just watch Sense and Sensibility and may I just say it was indeed worse in Jane Austen's world.

*It seems that I am throwing a dinner party next Saturday for Tigh, who is departing for Australia on January 26th, which by coincidence is Australia Day.

*In addition to my workplace's HR Specialist, my nurse case manager in Massachusetts, my work comp claims rep in Florida, my orthopedic doc in Sioux Falls, and my physical therapist here, I now have a local nurse case manager who will accompany me to a PT session next week as well as my doc visit next month! It seems my nonstandard recovery has delivered unto me either an eyes-on caretaker who can attest to my plight and be an advocate for me, or maybe just another layer of paperwork.

*Speaking of PT, they really gave me a workout yesterday! I was hurting for a full twenty-four hours! Ibuprofin, sleep, and a heat pack have worked their magic, though, and I'm feeling more flexible! What's weird is that as I gain strength and flexibility, I notice the aggravating and lingering burning, itching, achy stuff that much more.

*Embarrassingly, I discovered just today how easy it is to crop photos and print them.

*Still no word on my publishing submissions.

*This morning, before I was entirely awake, to my horror I used the word literal when I meant to say veritable. And just a few days ago I learned that orientate is actually a word. Shudder.

*While I was sleeping the other night Facebook foisted upon me the new profile format I had resisted voluntarily adopting. Bastards.

*Reid has just informed me that he is craving home made cinnamon rolls for breakfast tomorrow. He has infected my brain so thoroughly with his craving that I am considering a trip out at this late hour to purchase the primary ingredient for said rolls. Damn!

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