Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cues & Ayes

Once again, I have reached the halfway point of cleaning and organizing my office. Will I continue and finish the job this time? That is most definitely the question. And the answer is...a resounding maybe. Oh, and I have evidence that I am normal. It came in the mail today. Okay, so it only says that very specific parts of me are normal, and this is very good news. The rest of me is open to interpretation as far as normalcy is concerned. And if normal is based upon what you're accustomed to, I seem just fine to me. With the exception of my cranky hands, which I am hauling to Sioux Falls tomorrow for a visit with the ortho doc. This has been a week of answers thus far, so I can hope that some decisions can be made about further treatment. The problem all along seems to have been that each and every treatment was successful for a while. So we progressed from the least invasive, involving heat, trans-dermal meds, and physical therapy, to the most recent and most invasive, surgical intervention. And I'm still not better! In fact, my right hand is now more compromised than it was before the surgery. I'm typing with five fingers most of the time. Three on my left hand and two on my right hand. I'm getting surprisingly fast but the typos are many. In the old days, I would have gone through an entire bottle of Liquid Paper in this post alone. I expect I should make a shopping list. As long as I'm in the big city to the south I ought make the most of it. At the very least, the French onion soup at Panera is almost worth the trip all on its own. I smell lunch.

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