Saturday, October 2, 2010

Chronological Order

At Best Buy yesterday afternoon, I nabbed a dvd of the movie, Memento. Found it in the five buck bin! This is not one of my favorite movies. It is, however, one of those films that sticks in your head and won't go away! While the way it is structured is brilliant, it is also infuriating. I'm not a linear thinker but I do have a functioning short-term memory, and the disjointed way this story plays out was meant to induce the sort of disorientation Leonard feels. Since a traumatic injury has short-circuited his brain, he is no longer able to form new memories. Memento confounded me to no end, but no more! At some point this weekend, I shall pop it into the dvd player, and with the assistance of the scene selection menu, I shall view the action in chronological order! And if that doesn't help sort things out, I will simply track down director Christopher Nolan, like the infuriating talented dog that he is, and tattoo him. With a thus far not determined image. To let him know in no uncertain terms, that, well, even if it still doesn't make sense, I ended up liking the movie anyway. That's telling him!

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