Monday, February 15, 2010


I must say that when I take that little stroll across the street to fetch the newspaper that I do it with style. Taste is another matter entirely. I usually just toss on whatever is handy that is near the back door. And since it is chilly out there, layers are essential. I really should have gotten a head-to-toe shot so you could experience the full impact of this most original outfit. I was also wearing my microfleece black beret. Yes, that is my flannel nightshirt topped with a fleecy jacket that I often wear around the house. The pink gloves happened to be the closest, those dandy boots are always by the backdoor and I am wearing gray bike capris to eliminate any possibility of southern exposure. I had the restraint to not toss on a scarf to avoid mixing a third pattern into the ensemble. I say restraint because i have a tendency to overaccessorise. I do hope the neighbors are entertained.


Ed said...

Just for kicks you should carry a bag. Maybe do a couple of laps around the block, cut through alleys and check out the response.

Bellona of Avalon said...

I think I could have a career in performance art!