Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Glamorous Life

Yes, it's been over a week. Yes, I've been busy. The neverending yard work. Though the yard is looking much better. Plants are where they ought to be. Weeds are still where they oughtn't be, but that's the nature of weeds. Last week, naturally in the middle of a heat wave, the air conditioning went kaput. Then there was getting it fixed. Which shouldn't be an interesting story, but, oddly, is. In between those things, Reid has been busy interviewing for a job and getting hired. Go, Reid! Today was his first day of training. Then I had some goof-off time playing trivia at Syntax and trotting down to Red Rocks for a concert. I have been having issues with my computer shutting down due to heat problems so I was researching cooling platforms. Today I deployed my new Massive V20 Notebook Cooler With Large 200mm LED Fan*. Really. That's the name. It was rated well and glows with a pretty blue light. For fifteen bucks, it seems to be doing the job although I still need the bullet fan aimed at the back to increase air flow. Plus I'm putting together a poetry contest submission which I hope to send off before the end of the month. When August arrives I shall focus on stripping the peeling paint off the deck so it can be sanded and repainted. It's not a very big deck. And it gets a whole month! I'm exhausted just thinking about it. How was your week?

*Did that description remind anyone else of Marvin the Martian's Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator? Bet it does now...

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