Monday, July 10, 2017

Pondering the Number Sixty

1. Sixty candles is way too many to bother with. 

2. It may be possible to stick that many candles into a pan of cake batter and bake it with the heat created by those very candles.

3. Item #2 sounds a bit like a challenge, don't you think?

4. As soon as someone is rude enough to tell me that I do, in fact, look my age, I'm going to start padding the number.

5. I remember the phrase, goin' like sixty!, from my childhood. As if the notion of a car traveling a mile a minute was just too much to wrap your brain around.

6. Sixty is a highly divisible number, a stark contrast to my previous prime number age.

7. In reference to Item #6, a party guest remarked that, yes, 60 is a particularly slutty number.

8. In reference to Item #7, which I found amusing, I'm wondering if said party guest has hopes that as a 60yo, I might be interested in engaging in some slutty behavior with him.

9. In reference to Item #8, the answer is a solid yes.

10. Birthday month isn't over yet, so in addition to the lovely flowers I received today from the younger son's girlfriend, I look forward to more celebration!

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