Sunday, July 30, 2017

Not Cool

What kind of HVAC repair guy shows up, cuts wires in the condenser unit while you're not looking, tells you your AC has been vandalized, leaves the service panel off with wires and parts strewn about, and then says two of his guys will be back in a couple of hours to fix it? You guessed it! The shitty kind. My skeptical red flag was flying high. I was thinking, what kind of idiot would sneak up close to my house, in plain view through the patio door, remove the service panel on the inside corner closest to the house, expertly and neatly clip the wires that have the least juice coursing through them, then yank the wires running into the house, replace the service panel, and be on his merry way? An idiot with knowledge of AC systems with a sick sense of humor and more stealth than a ninja, that would be my guess. Oh, and, yes, you're right. The shitty guy's employees never showed up. The shitty guy never called me to apologize. I expect they probably saw the terrific HVAC guy's truck out in front of my house and thought better of stopping to check on the situation. Sue knows all the great service people in the area, and she gave me her HVAC guy's number. He showed up and had the AC back in service in about half an hour. And didn't charge me a dime. The thing is, he knows the shitty guy and the sort of antics he has engaged in. If the shitty guy ever shows up or calls, I'll tell him where to send the payment for fixing my AC. What a jerk.

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