Wednesday, July 26, 2017

My Fairy Garden

If you will recall, last summer I had just one pot of flowers for the fairies to play in. Well, so many showed up I had to give them a larger space.

In the southeast corner of the backyard, under the cloud tree, which has turned out to be some sort of apple tree, is the location.

The tiny house with a stepping-stone path has returned from last year.

It's important to put up a sign and give them a place to sit and rest so they know they're welcome.

We have a pond. I expect they'll be asking for a boat, now, and possibly tiny fishing rods to catch the fairy fish within it. There will be a strict catch-and-release policy. 

With fairies about, inevitably a witch will show up, so I thought she would need a house, too.

Be careful what you wish for when tossing a coin into the well!

Colorful, light scattering, wind whirlies provide a festive mood. They were given to me by my neighbor, Sarah. She understands the importance of fun.

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