Friday, July 7, 2017

Absent Interlude Explained

It's been a few days. Did you miss me? You don't have to answer that. I've been busy, though, not lazy. Well, okay, a little lazy, but that's what vacation is for. I have racked up another 800 or so miles on the Outback odometer, attended a rodeo, though it was not my first, partaken in some delicious, authentic Danish cuisine, prepared by my new genuine Danish friend, Helle. I bought a hat. I have been positive-vibe-sending out into the universe. I have been astonished over how much a boy can grow in a year and suddenly be transformed into a young man. I have discovered that my local World Market does not carry wine and beer! How can it possibly be that I had not noticed that over multiple visits in the last year? Which means I have to find my fave sangria somewhere else, or become enamored of a new one. Please excuse me while I shop for party food and polish up the house for guests. 

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