Monday, July 17, 2017

Yo-Ho-Ho And a Bottle!

Of rum, children, in case you hadn't guessed. The bottle of rum to the left, a light, sweet, Brazilian variety that is particularly well-suited for the making of caipirinhas, was given to me by a man who wished to demonstrate his affection for me. Also likely to prove that he had paid attention to things that I mentioned I enjoy and earn brownie points. That was three years ago. I am no longer interested in this man. As far as the friends with benefits arrangement goes, he has proven to be spectacular in the, ahem, benefits part but abysmally lacking as far as the friends component is concerned. Now we move on to the bottle of rum on the right. A spiced variety sporting a deep-sea, pirate-y theme. The Kraken arrived on my birthday. It was presented to me, in a gift bag!, by a man I can't for the world figure out, so I have decided to just go with it. This was a man that I wavered on inviting in the first place, then considered removing him from the invitation because in this newfangled electronic age, I could see that he had not yet perused it, then the next thing I knew he had accepted. We met a year ago and it seems he has been a bit of a hermit over the winter. He flirts mercilessly with me on Facebook and says witty, mildly inappropriate things to me in person. He stuck around for champagne and pound cake with lemon sorbet and strawberries. I have no idea what any of this means. Or how it may turn out. All I know is, a couple of fellows I have been interested in romantically have given me a bottle of rum. The first is out of the picture, the current one baffles me. Do I have to wait for a third guy bearing rum to complete that whole three-times-the-charm thing? I'm not going to give this any more thought. I am, however, in the market for spiced rum drink recipes. If you have a favorite, do share it in the comments. Release the Kraken!

The Plant That Wouldn't Die

Okay, so I've had this poinsettia for a while. Over five years by my count, I even successfully moved it here from South Dakota. And it has bloomed for me at least twice in that time. The problem is, it wasn't happy here. I couldn't find a suitable place for it and I think it got too much light, or too little light inside the house. It was shedding leaves right and left and I eventually gave up on it. I set the pitiful poinsettia outside sometime last spring, first on the deck just outside the patio door. Eventually it ended up over by the garden shed where it was mostly in the shade the last couple of months. On Saturday I was outside watering the garden and pulling my contingent of weeds and making an effort to neaten things up. I picked up the poinsettia in its blue pot thinking I should dump the contents in the compost. Upon closer examination, i could see it was growing leaves!

Sprouting from the ends of the previously thought dead branches we have new growth!

This is one plucky plant. When you consider my brownish thumb, I figured it was done for when I set it out in the chilly spring air.

The previously pitiful, now plucky plant has a spot in the shade where it gets some afternoon sun. Depending on further improvement, it may get to come back in the house. In the meantime, we'll see what water and sunshine accomplish.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Tasty Tea

I'm a half Southern girl. My father successfully taught my Norwegian mom how to brew sweet tea to his liking, and in the summer, that was the beverage served at supper time. I loved the stuff, but have never quite figured out how to make it nor have I found a bottled version that is as delish. Until now, that is! Gold Peak sweet tea tastes like my childhood. I have been guzzling it like nobody's business in this heat. I do enjoy it with fresh lemon, which is something that probably flies in the face of the grand Southern tradition that is sweet tea. I've never been a slave to tradition, though, and I'm not giving up the lemon. Even if I'm committing an act of defilement. 

Happy and Not So

This is what I would call a happy pot of geraniums. It resides on my front steps on the west side of the house. Geraniums have been my go-to flower for hot, sunny areas. They are resistant to my brown thumb, are dependable and cheery.

Now we have a pot of not-so-happy geraniums. I can't figure out why they are all so unhappy in the hot, hot sun on the patio and deck on the east side of the house. I ignore them and water/weed/dead head them on the same schedule as the happy ones on the other side of the house. All I have to say is, there is enough sunshine to keep the tomatoes happy on this side of the house so there ought to be enough for these grumpy geraniums. Vladimir agrees. Not the guy in charge of Russia, my little gnomish guy on the table here. 

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Lovely Thing

I cannot remember the last time I received birthday flowers. Which is why this is so much fun. Which reminds me, we have Rose, Lily, Violet, Daisy, Heather, Jasmine, and Iris out there as feminine monikers. Why not Carnation? Or Tulip? Petunia is right out unless you want to name your daughter after a cartoon pig. Though it seems perfectly suitable for a pet. But I digress. Birthday flowers totally rock. Thanks, Dakota!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Miss Andrea

Happy birthday to this girl. She is my sistah from anothah mothah. I just love her to pieces. Smooches.

Tuesday AM

So. I was out weeding and watering the garden. Pulled my daily allotment of weeds from the yard. Put in two new plants near the rock garden in the front and contemplated where the new solar landscape lights should be placed. Gave Newt treats and a tummy rub. Schmoozed with the houseguests before sending them off for a fun day in Denver. Answered the door and smiled patiently while the Jehovah's Witnesses on my stoop got around to telling me who they were. It's been a full morning.

Monday, July 10, 2017

I'm a Viking Princess

Posted to Facebook by my longtime best bud, L'Erik, this is my fave birthday greeting. 

Pondering the Number Sixty

1. Sixty candles is way too many to bother with. 

2. It may be possible to stick that many candles into a pan of cake batter and bake it with the heat created by those very candles.

3. Item #2 sounds a bit like a challenge, don't you think?

4. As soon as someone is rude enough to tell me that I do, in fact, look my age, I'm going to start padding the number.

5. I remember the phrase, goin' like sixty!, from my childhood. As if the notion of a car traveling a mile a minute was just too much to wrap your brain around.

6. Sixty is a highly divisible number, a stark contrast to my previous prime number age.

7. In reference to Item #6, a party guest remarked that, yes, 60 is a particularly slutty number.

8. In reference to Item #7, which I found amusing, I'm wondering if said party guest has hopes that as a 60yo, I might be interested in engaging in some slutty behavior with him.

9. In reference to Item #8, the answer is a solid yes.

10. Birthday month isn't over yet, so in addition to the lovely flowers I received today from the younger son's girlfriend, I look forward to more celebration!

Felines and Science

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sixty Arrives

So. I've been sixty for over an hour now. Seems to be working out okay. No essential body parts have fallen off. More later. I need a champagne refill.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Again With the Gorgeous Russian Ladies!

Just in case I may have been questioning my level of attractiveness, the Gorgeous Russian Ladies have made another appearance in my email inbox. I did not click to view profiles. I did, however, unsubscribe, which appears to work for approximately one month. Three lingering questions remain. Do these Russian dating website people think I'm a man? Are there a disproportional number of gorgeous lesbians residing in Russia? Or are things so awful and desperate in Russia that they are willing to play for either team? All I'm certain of is that I won't ask. some things are better left a mystery.

Absent Interlude Explained

It's been a few days. Did you miss me? You don't have to answer that. I've been busy, though, not lazy. Well, okay, a little lazy, but that's what vacation is for. I have racked up another 800 or so miles on the Outback odometer, attended a rodeo, though it was not my first, partaken in some delicious, authentic Danish cuisine, prepared by my new genuine Danish friend, Helle. I bought a hat. I have been positive-vibe-sending out into the universe. I have been astonished over how much a boy can grow in a year and suddenly be transformed into a young man. I have discovered that my local World Market does not carry wine and beer! How can it possibly be that I had not noticed that over multiple visits in the last year? Which means I have to find my fave sangria somewhere else, or become enamored of a new one. Please excuse me while I shop for party food and polish up the house for guests. 

Saturday, July 1, 2017


Birthday month has commenced! And I already got a card! Yesterday, before the official kick-off of birthday month. I do enjoy getting started early. Festivities already on the calendar are the arrival of Andrea, a little birthday soiree a week from tomorrow involving mimosas and pound cake with strawberries, and seeing Mr. Lovett with his Large Band. I'm not sure how I feel about sixty. Except to brush it off as merely a number. I'm practicing saying it, sort of like trying on a pair of shoes. Even though I have no choice about buying them. Sometimes you just have to make things fit, whether you want to or not. I'm taking these potential lemons and making raspberry lemonade. Which is delicious and spikeable. Pardon me while I go to the book of the face and put together an invitation. Of course you can come! Gifts are optional but most appreciated.