Thursday, June 22, 2017

Meanwhile, Out in The Backyard

Try to ignore the massive holes in the ground. Instead, please focus on the fact the the hideous swingset is gone! Gonegonegone! The clothesline poles have also done a disappearing act. Yes, the deck looks like crap. It will look much, much better when the peeling paint is gone, the surface is sanded, and a new color is applied.

Tomato plants! They have tripled in size since I popped them in the dirt three weeks ago. 

Raspberry bushes! There will likely be no berries to harvest this year but they are being pampered with water and fertilizer and sunshine until they do.

This bed I started from seed so the size of the plants isn't quite so impressive. In the center we have sunflowers. To the right we have baby cilantro and just poking their little heads out of the soil on the left we have basil. Around the perimeter in the niches of the blocks you will find marigolds. For decorative as well as ant discouragement purposes.

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