Thursday, June 1, 2017


1. At long last, the basement is dry.

2. Newton has been roaming the house for over 24 hours with no evidence of extracurricular peeing or pooping. 

3. I have repaired the mess in the laundry room where shelves and a hanging bar pulled free from the wall and crashed to the floor.

4. The mayor of Williston, North Dakota is an idiot, and has been since we were in the same sixth grade class.

5. Will keeping Newt's food and water near his litter box help him with continuing proper bathroom etiquette?

6. I need to buy a new rug and upholstery cleaning machine.

7. I have nine days to get the new guest room in shape in anticipation of Reid's girlfriend coming to visit.

8. June 1st has arrived so I expect it is now safe to buy tomato plants and get them in the ground.

9. The fairy garden is shaping up nicely, pictures soon.

10. The bills are all in from this incident. All I can tell from the comparison of estimated costs and the final out-of-pocket cost is that there is zero transparency in hospital billing. Reid has healed up quite nicely, though, thanks for asking.

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