Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Lately when I stroll past a rack of what I think are cute tank tops, I'll stop and pull one out for further perusal and it turns out to not be a tank top! There are these weird sleeves hanging limp at the sides! Sometimes they are sweaters! Why in this wide, wide world of nonsensical things would anyone want the shoulders missing in the midst of sweater weather?!? I can safely say, not me. I do hope this faux tank top with dangly sleeve-like things fad is over soon. When they go on the clearance racks I might pick up a couple of the extra cute ones super cheap, take them home, and lop off their sleeves! I think my sewing skills are still up to this task. Which reminds me of a completely opposite clothing style, the ski vest. Which, upon seeing me wearing one with a cowl neck sweater when I was in my twenties, my father remarked that would be a damn nice jacket if they'd put some sleeves on it. I think this is called fashion. To keep us buying stuff. And I must say, they're not fooling me when they come up with new color names. Peach is coral is cantaloupe is shrimp is salmon. it's all pastel orange to me.

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