Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Don't Cry Over Spilt Coffee

The rule is plain and simple. Don't wear white clothing in the car. I was contemplating that rule, and it is a rule, not a mere guideline, as I was dressing this morning. In jeans, a turquoise cardigan sweater, and, you guessed it, a white tank top with a lacy inset around the neckline. I was feeling pretty cocky about ignoring the no-white-clothing-in-the-car rule about fifteen minutes into the trip when I sipped the last of the cranberry juice. What could possibly go wrong? Then fifteen minutes after that, I picked up my coffee and misaligned the opening in the lid with my open mouth and promptly dumped coffee down the front of my shirt. At least it wasn't blistering hot, it was perfect drinking temperature. Then I had to spend the rest of the day in my coffee besmirched tank top thinking about the lady who won a landmark lawsuit because her spilled coffee gave her third degree burns. This is why we have rules. Because things go wrong. I'll definitely remember that the next time. The time after that, who knows? But as far as mishaps on a road trip are concerned, this was a small one. And having been through the agony of a lawsuit, I'm smart enough to know you can't sue over your own stupidity. People have, though. That's why there are so many warning stickers on a stepladder. And no smartass remarks about how could I have possibly missed my mouth.

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