Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wednesday Poetry Corner

It's been National Poetry Month for twelve days now. I'm surprised I held off this long. You can thank me later. Should you choose to continue reading, that which follows is a poem I wrote in 2005. Even though I had not yet met the the person this poem brought to mind today, the sentiment applies just the same.

Fervent Rainfall

The weatherman says
For where you are today
And I wonder if you'll wear a jacket
Or if you'll feel the cooling drops
Upon your neck
If you'll race for a door through a deluge
Or linger in a warm front shower
Eyes closed
Breathing deep the fresh air wetness
Nearly drowning in the sweetness
What would I give
To fall fast from a cloud
Chasing on a current
Touching gently on your skin
For just a moment
Would you sense
That it was me

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