Sunday, April 2, 2017

Red Shoe Magic

In the bonus material on the High Fidelity dvd, John Cusack talks about experiencing music biographically. I certainly do. There are songs, even entire albums, that are so closely synced with experiences that it's impossible for me to recall one without the other. Today's musical backdrop to preparing brunch was Neil Young's Harvest Moon. Which calls up beginnings, travel, and anticipation of what might be. Inspired by emotion and fueled by the resulting lack of sleep, sitting up late and writing poetry. Grateful that I can still be surprised. And despite my age and experience, astonished over feeling just as giddy and unprepared as I did when a teen. Contentment wrestles with passion until they collapse together restfully. And finally, the need to know becomes a known. And it turns out to be an almost familiar thing that was waiting within to be discovered all along. Indeed, there's no place like home.

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