Thursday, April 20, 2017

It's Still Poetry Month...

Yes, children, another poem by moi. In honor of Pluto's retrograde and the fact that I was rudely awakened to cat poop on the rug in the sunroom this morning, let's face our fears, and stinky messes, and get on with it.

Fearless 101

Embrace your darkest fear,
Invite her in for tea.
Look into those hideous eyes,
So bleak, so cold, so near.
Don't leave him lurking on the horizon,
That future imagining so real.
Examine your nightmare in the light of day!
You'll find it's your shoulder that he cries on.
Don't soften to her tearful pleas!
Ignore the lies he speaks!
Nurture your inner warrior with love.
Confront the pain, it's confidence that frees.

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