Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Madness Begins

Son Reid gave me a jigsaw puzzle for Christmas. In an effort to clear up the last bits of indoor clutter so I can move on to outdoor projects, there is now a puzzle assembling spot downstairs. I have a big table and a non-glaring light source,

Starting a puzzle so I can get other things done does seem self-defeating in nature. Though it's possible I may become obsessive about working on it, I now have a space dedicated to jigsaw puzzles. Meaning we're not eating around it or shifting daily business to another space for the duration of puzzle-putting-together activity. So this can be a leisurely pastime. Some little dreams take time.*

*I never did accomplish establishing a puzzle space in the old house. Odd that it's possible in this house after downsizing square footage by 25%. Proving that smaller might be better. Or just better-used is better.

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