Sunday, March 19, 2017

Maybe I Have a Tiny Problem...

After realizing that I brought home four more wine glasses from my trip down to Arizona, maybe I do have a problem. Okay, I have some glassware. 

The corner cabinet in the kitchen has a glass front, a perfect place for storing and displaying shiny things. A ghostly image of Reid is reflected in the door. He was admonishing me at the time that I might be taking unintentional selfies while photographing my glassware. 

Let's open it up and take a look, shall we?

On the top shelf we find some fairly nondescript champagne flutes. The two slightly taller glasses are pink, so they're a teensy bit fancy.

The middle shelf is where the martini glasses reside. The St Clair Winery glasses have moved in with them. 

On the bottom shelf we find ourselves concerned with beer. Lots of fun, commemorative and branded glassware. Most of which were acquired in a completely legal and appropriate fashion.

We have moved on to the china cabinet in the dining room.

Though I was able to pare down my possessions by half prior to the move, I just couldn't part with any of the wine glasses. On the left, one of a set of eight, is a lovely all-purpose wine glass etched with flowers. Oh, and there are two champagne glasses that match them. Scored them at a rummage sale for under a buck a glass. Then we have some tall goblets with purple stems. A set of six was a birthday gift a number of years ago. Next up is one from a set of four beautifully etched wineglasses that sis Martine gave me nearly thirty years ago. Up front, the tiny etched crystal glass is one of a pair that I rescued from the garbage dumpster outside my apartment building circa 1979. I fill it and hand it over to guests that say they only want a small glass of wine. Behind that is one of five cut-glass champagne flutes that are slightly fancier than the ones in the kitchen. Second from the right is one from a set of eight. They are pretty darned fancy and reserved for sit-down dinners. On the right is one of three surviving smoked crystal goblets that were a wedding gift to my parents. I have two and Martine has one. Originally there were probably six or maybe eight of them.

Then there's the bar cart. Where we have a couple of very pretty wine glasses that don't get used much and four cut crystal on-the-rocks glasses. Which are for the serious sipping of your finer liquors. I think it's time for a self-imposed moratorium on the purchase of glassware. I'll let you know how long it lasts.  

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