Sunday, March 19, 2017

Down at Home Goods

While visiting sis Martine, we found ourselves strolling through Home Goods. I always enjoy shopping there, but this trip was particularly fun.

Right in the front of the store, we found a humongous metal elephant sculpture! Well over six feet in height! Of course, I neglected to get a photo of this majestic piece of art, so the above pic is the closest I could find on the interwebs. The elephant at Home Goods, whom I have named Toby, was made of a filigree sort of steel, making it whimsical and see-through, not seeming quite so massive. I also noted that it was made up of several panels that were attached together with nuts and bolts, making it totally dissassemble-able and therefore could possibly fit in my car. I wanted it soooooo bad. I even considered taking out the store credit card to get ten percent off on the purchase. I eventually thought better of buying Toby, though I'm pretty sure The Bloggess would have snatched him up without blinking an eye. Mostly because it would have annoyed her husband, Victor, but also because she would see the value in having a fancy metal elephant sculpture out in the backyard. Mark my words, as soon as I have a book deal, I'm buying one. Home Goods had an other ginormous metal item in the store, a brassy and silver colored gazebo. I thought Martine should buy it for her cats. Forget the catio, the next big thing is the catzebo. 

And since I simply do not have enough glassware, I needed these two adorable little wine glasses. I bought them to facilitate drowning my sorrows over not bringing Toby home with me.

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