Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Poem For St Valentine

I wrote this a very long time ago. It's about what you really want or need, but what you'll do to get by. I've said too much.

Maintenance vs Ecstasy

The cool, filtered water from the kitchen tap suffices.
While I wistfully dream
Of a rippling mountain stream,
So clear and cold and tumbling its taste and sound entices.

The night brings gifts of darkness and deep and restful sleep.
All alone in my bed,
Reveries in my head,
Waking up beside you is the memory I keep.

Stepping from the shower I’m clean, pristine, renewed.
It seems very clear,
If only you were near,
I’d be dirtier by far with auto-eroticism eschewed.

Protein, fat, and carbs are the basics we require.
Available in pills
Devoid of gastronomic thrills.
Bread and meat, ripe fruit, red wine fulfill desire.

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