Sunday, February 19, 2017

Modern Problems

I am convinced that my printer/scanner is demonically possessed. Nothing else can explain its erratic behavior. Yesterday I was ready to throw it out the window, except that would have required lifting it over my head and heaving it forward. My hands were not up to the task so I swore at it and turned it off instead. This morning I went in to print out my Sunday crossword puzzle. Upon clicking on print, the darned thing roared to life and printed! Not just my crossword, mind you, but nine three page copies of my federal income tax return. Leaving me to assume that I must have clicked on the print icon nine times with no response from the evil printer whilst filing my taxes. I then gave up and saved the PDF to my desktop with the idea of trying later. I turned everything on and off numerous times and went through the process of printer-search-and-recognition as well as logging the printer on to the wireless network to no avail. Then, just for fun, I attempted to scan a couple of photos I wanted to post yesterday. Surprise, surprise, no success! I think I aced the crossword, though. I'll confirm or deny that conclusion later when I'm able to find the answers online. I've never had a problem with finding them before. In reverse-virus process, it seems the demonic plague that was exorcised from my printer is now infecting crossword solutions on the interwebs. I do apologize if anyone else is experiencing similar difficulties. I suggest lighting a candle, spinning around three times clockwise after tossing salt over your left shoulder, and consulting your horoscope. Oh, and enjoy the photos I would have posted yesterday. Scanning was successful today.

Freezing in the courthouse.

Obligatory garter shot.

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