Wednesday, February 15, 2017


We're talking about the puzzle, children. Specifically the Sunday crossword. I'm not chastising anyone nor am I cranky. So. I enjoy my Sunday morning routine. I make coffee, I have some sort of treat, a pastry or cookie or sometimes an English muffin with some lovely jam, and put on some music. Then I sit down with the crossword and the accompanying cryptogram. I used to have to brave the weather and cross the street to retrieve my newspaper, but now I access it online. Once I got moved, that paper version was no longer available, so I bought a couple of local papers to fulfill my puzzle needs. Not being happy with those alternatives, I ran across an incredibly cheap online deal for the paper I used to subscribe to. Incredibly cheap. Ten bucks for six months. I then proceeded to be annoyed for six months. I needed to print out the puzzle from the e-version of the paper and the source was blurry and smaller than the hard copy had been. Meh. Better than nothing, right? The six months went by and even though I received the email allowing me access, there was a paywall greeting me when I attempted to log in. So I did what I should have done back in June. I did an online search for the puzzle. And found it. For free! It prints beautifully in a large, clear and legible format. I bought a book of of three hundred plus cryptograms and I was back in business! It's not just that I enjoy the puzzles, I feel like it's brain exercise. You know, that use it or lose it thing. Doing the crossword also gives my right hand something of a workout. Writing a legible letter inside of a tiny box helps retain my fine motor skills, as diminished as they are. Sunday morning is starting to sound like a spa appointment. All I need is a massage artist and and a hot tub. Amazing what you feel you can afford when the crossword puzzle is free. 

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