Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Brain Has It

Jack Speer used to be this calm, deep voice of reason that filled the airwaves on the hour with news updates. Which, by the way, he researches, writes, and edits right up until air time. A real journalist. I felt reassured by his matter of fact take on the world whether I was in the car or listening online. Now that NPR is doing live headlines on Facebook with a video feed I have completely lost my mind. I have an enormous crush on Mr. Speer. He's attractive in that nerdy, I'm wearing glasses and a sweater, I belong to Mensa sort of way. I especially enjoy the Q&A after the headlines when he goes deeper into the stories of the hour. Yesterday afternoon, I was quite taken with how he would repeatedly pick up and put down the pen on his desk during the Q&A, as if it were somehow magically assisting his thought process. This confirms what I have suspected about myself all along. Yes, I am attracted to intelligence. I wonder if there is a twelve step program for sapiosexuals. I need a support group.

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