Sunday, January 1, 2017

My Oxymoronic Life

I'm not one for New Year's resolutions. Neither am I one for your standard five year plan. I cringe when I hear the question where do you see yourself in five years?. What I am is a ponderer. And questioner. A list maker and checker-offer of listed items as they are accomplished sort of person. Yes, I have heard the label overthinker tossed in my direction. Which I do not claim. I give a notion as much rumination as is required, no more, no less. Sometimes I push the more pesky ponderables to back burner status. Because there isn't enough information or adequate time has not passed or I need to find a place of comfort and safety before I remove the lid from that particular pot. So. In the last few days I have had alone time in the car and in a hotel room and walking around among strangers. Time to consider and ponder problems and situations, and whether some things actually are problems or are merely situations. And if those problems or situations are mine to deal with or someone else's. As 2017 begins, though mind you this is not a resolution, I find that I am enamored of the concept of living a purposeful life. This new year in a new house and a new community makes me mindful of roots and how best to establish them. After my first thirty years of thirty-plus addresses and a second thirty year stretch at a single address, I'm thinking this third act of my life will be something in-between. Perhaps wandering, with roots. Sounds interesting. Really very fitting, I have a habit of inhabiting opposite ends of a given spectrum at the same time. Here's to the new as well as the old, and finding a space in the middle where it's clear what should be abandoned and what deserves being embraced.

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