Friday, December 2, 2016

Down at B&BW

Really, I wasn't looking for trouble. I was wandering around my local store looking for potential gifty items to fulfill the coupons I had. Spend $30, get $10 off and a free fun size item. It seems that fun size isn't just for candy anymore. So. I found a number of tiny candles in various holiday scents and a slightly larger candle in a classic scent. Over in the corner in the back I found the fun sizes and selected one to carry around in my purse*. I felt my timing was excellent as the one person in front of me in line was finishing up. My turn! This is a display item, it's not for sale, scolded the woman at the register. Okay, I thought. It was out on a shelf and had a price on it. But she wasn't going to let me buy it. My bad, apparently. Only the lotion and bath gel qualify for the free coupon, she informed me next. That's not lotion? I asked. It's body cream, she replied, as she put it back on the shelf. There were a couple of people in line behind me at this point. Now that I had failed on the part of both coupons, I retreated to find a $6 item in order to hit the magical thirty buck total and to take a look at the fun sizes once more. I was advised by a salesperson on the floor that mini hand sanitizers were four for five dollars, so if I got five of them that would qualify me for using the coupon. I swear I did not curl up my lip or do an eyeroll. I don't like the feel or the smell of hand sanitizers and avoid them whenever possible. I asked about the candle that had turned out to be for display only but it was only available in the large three wick candle size which were not currently on sale. Meh. So I grabbed a fun size lotion in the scent I had liked and defiantly grabbed the matching body cream, conveniently priced at six bucks, that I had been relieved of earlier. Arriving at the front of the line again, the same woman frowned at me over the body cream as though I was trying to claim it as a freebie once again. I smiled at her as she rang me up and credited me for the coupons. I politely declined giving my phone number or my email at the conclusion of the transaction. She seemed to take it personally. For some people it seems to already be an overly long holiday shopping season. I swear they hide the best stuff in the back when people have coupons. 

*After paying for it. Most definitely after paying for it.

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