Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Transforming Reid's Bathroom

Behold, the basement bathroom when the house was listed that is now Reid's bathroom. Vintage fixtures! I think that toilet took twenty gallons of water to flush. The original plan was to update it. Eventually. But then the supply line to the toilet started to leak. Very quietly. And flooded half the basement! At least it was clean water. So I started thinking, dangerous, I know, if I have to get a plumber in here to fix the untrustworthy supply to the toilet, maybe I should have him just remove the damn thing. And install a nice, new, low volume flush model. And while he's at it, take that fancy sink as well.  

Sink gone, old flooring removed, new flooring nearly done. Time to remove that nasty steel plate that the old sink was mounted to. 

Ooooh! Let's take a closer look! Five, count 'em, five rusty, slotted screws holding that plate to the wall. I hate slotted screws. Give me a nice Phillips or hex head any day. Such an interesting assortment of nasty, cruddy items lodged next to the wall! One comb with half its teeth missing. One small artist's paintbrush. One, I think anyway, Pick Up Sticks stick in red. Two extremely rusty bobby pins. Plus flakes of paint, possibly half of the previous users' microbiome, traces of grooming products, and other icky things embedded in the muck that took decades to accumulate. After much swearing and creative application of standard household tools it was gone.

New toilet! New paint color! New flooring! It's getting there.

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